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An Equation of State (EOS) model is the foundation for all types of PVT simulations performed by reservoir, flow assurance, process and PVT lab engineers. In PVTsim Nova reservoir fluid compositions are easily input together with PVT and EOR data. The EOR data including compositions of injection gas are now be stored along with the fluid compositions in PVTsim Nova.

Regression can now be performed on all types of PVT and EOR experiments, which makes PVTsim Nova a versatile tool for developing of Common EOS models for reservoir fluids, which undergoes miscible gas injection. A fast evaluation of the regression results can now be achieved in seconds using the Compare with Data option introduced in PVTsim Nova and in combination with Regression trail option it is easy to follow the sequence of regression steps from the Plus fluid to the final EOS model.

The videos below show some of the tasks that can be carried out in PVTsim Nova.

Making an Eclipse Black Oil Table

Cleaning of a reservoir fluid for OBM contamination

The CPA Equation of State in PVTsim Nova

Plus Regression Audit Trail

Common EOS

OLGA Table

Gas Injection