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    Software Updates

PVTsim NOVA is a result of over 30 years of research and development.

After Calsep A/S was established in 1982, it was almost immediately perceived that a commercial PVT simulation program with advanced fluid characterization procedures was required in the oil and gas industry.

In 1988 PVTsim version 1.0 was released. Over the next decade, PVTsim's capabilities were extended to include Hydrate, Wax and Asphaltene simulations.

By 1998, when PVTsim underwent a major upgrade to its fluid handling capabilities (thanks to a collaboration with Statoil), PVTsim was already a popular tool in Europe.

From 1998 onwards, PVTsim has regularly upgraded its models and algorithms to not only accommodate new developments in software and hardware technologies but also the advanced requirements of the users - the Petroleum Engineers.

In 1999 Calsep's first overseas office was opened, in Houston. In the following years PVTsim was further improved thanks to the input of the North American users which led to PVTsim becoming the leading PVT simulation tool in the region.

In 2005 Calsep opened its next office in Dubai to cater to the ever expanding Middle East and Asia/Africa markets. However very soon after it was realized that the Asia Pacific market was large enough to require a separate office and that led to the opening of the Kuala Lumpur office in 2009. With over 40 clients in the Middle East and more than 50 in Asia Pacific, both offices have been successful at positioning PVTsim in the global oil and gas industry as the leading PVT simulation tool.

Over the years it has been Calsep's ambition to offer the clients with the best user experience as possible. Hence, Calsep decided to take advantage of the recent changes in the standards for the Windows Operating System to develop the next generation PVT Simulation software.

PVTsim NOVA, as it has been named, combines the advanced simulation capabilities of existing PVTsim with enhanced GUI navigation, and provides the platform for the future enhancements of current models as well as implementation of new models.