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High quality PVT simulations on petroleum reservoir fluids are much dependent on accurate and representative fluid compositions. PVTsim is designed to provide PVT simulation results within experimental accuracy based on a reliable reservoir fluid composition analyzed to C10+ or C20+. Calsep has always emphasized the importance of accurate fluid compositions. The QC (Quality Control) module provides the users with a comprehensive tool that can distinguish a reliable fluid composition from one that is less accurate. The philosophy behind the PVTsim QC Module is that PVTsim with a reliable compositional analysis should be able to simulate various properties (e.g. STO Density, GOR etc.) within a predetermined percentage deviation. In order for a sample to pass the PVTsim QC Module test, the sample must pass all the evaluations. If one evaluation fails, the overall evaluation will also fail. In case of failure, it is possible to have possible reasons for failure and possible cures printed to a QC report.

The information required by the QC Module is:

  • Fluid sample type: Bottomhole or separator.
  • Compositional analyses of the fluid samples: Gas, oil, and recombined.
  • Measured properties for the available compositions.
  • Fluid sample type: Gas, gas condensate, oil, or heavy oil.
  • Output report type: Unformatted Text or Word format.

The input process is divided into a five-step-wizard (See screenshots below).

The output simulation results are presented as a combination of text output and plots. The text output can be printed in either an unformatted text format or in a formatted Word file.

The text output is combined with various plots, dependent on the sample type. The below table shows the possible plots dependent on sample type

TestBottomhole SampleSeparator Sample
Logarithmic Mole Fraction vs. Carbon Number Plot X X
Density vs. Logarithmic Carbon Number Plot X X
Phase Envelope Plot   X
K-Factor Plot   X
Mass Balance Closure Plot   X
Hoffmann Plot   X*
Mud Contamination Evaluation Plot X  

(*) The Hoffmann plot is not considered in the overall evaluation of the quality of the separator sample.