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PVTsim for OLGA/LEDAFLOW is a package of PVTsim modules that include the capabilities required to export reliable fluid properties to the dynamic multiphase flow simulators, OLGA and LEDAFLOW.  With a reliable compositional analysis, this package provides predictive characterization for reservoir fluids and generates fluid properties to be exported using the OLGA or LEDAFLOW interfaces. 

The fundamental components for fluid handling are available including, predictive characterization, flexible lumping, mixing and recombining gas and oil compositions. Other functions available with this package include plotting phase envelopes and calculating equilibrium gas-liquid-aqueous phase properties using PT (pressure, temperature) flash operations, and simulation of hydrate formation conditions with a Hydrate PT (pressure, temperature) curve.

Using the interface options, fluid property tables can be generated with up to 200x200 points in the format accepted by the OLGA or LEDAFLOW simulators. Up to 10 different fluid tables can be exported within a single file.  Temperature and pressure points may be generated using the Intelligrid feature which will include more table points inside the phase envelope than outside. Water and inhibitor specifications can be input locally within the interface menu or they can be entered in the original fluid composition.  All cubic equation of state models can be used in the interface menus and both HV and CPA models are available for fluids with polar components.  Once the table files are generated, there is a plotting tool that provides both 2D and 3D viewing of the fluid properties in the file.  It is also possible to import an existing tab file and use the plotting tool to generate a 3D plot of the fluid properties in that file.

The PVTsim for OLGA/LEDAFLOW package includes the following modules:

Basic Fluid Preprocessor (excludes Property Generator and OBM Cleaning capabilities)

Limited Flash & Unit Ops (only includes phase envelope and 3-phase aqueous flash capabilities)

Limited Hydrate (only includes Hydrate PT curve capability)

Interface to:

  • OLGA tab