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    Basic PVT

The Basic PVT package is comprised of PVTsim modules which will provide EoS modeling essentials including input of lab measured compositions and PVT data, fluid characterization, regression, and export to a reservoir simulator.

With Basic PVT Simulation and Regression, routine PVT experiments carried out in PVT laboratories can be simulated and compared with experimental data (EOR experiments are not included).  If needed, the fluid model can be tuned to match measured PVT experiments. The resulting fluid description can be exported to the reservoir simulator, ECLIPSE.

The Basic PVT package includes the following modules:

Basic Fluid Preprocessor (excludes Property Generator, Common EoS, and OBM Cleaning capabilities)

Basic PVT Simulation Regression (excludes EOR Experiments and Multifluid, common EoS regression)

Interface to:

  • Eclipse Black Oil
  • Eclipse Gi (200)
  • Eclipse 300 (incl. import) ­