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    Reservoir Package

The PVTsim reservoir package comprises modules, which will fulfill the needs of the reservoir engineer, who typically wants to generate valid input to the major reservoir simulators.

The reservoir package allows the user to input and characterize fluid compositions in PVTsim. The compositions can then be quality checked using the QC module. If needed the fluid compositions can be tuned to match measured PVT experiments. The resulting fluid descriptions can then be exported to the desired reservoir simulator.

The reservoir package comprises the following modules:

  • Fluid Preprocessor
  • QC
  • PVT Simulation Regression
  • Interfaces
    • Black oil simulators
      • Eclipse Black Oil
      • Eclipse Gi (200)
      • VIP black oil
      • MORE black oil
      • Prosper/MBAL
      • Saphir
      • IMEX
    • Compositional reservoir simulators
      • Eclipse 300 (incl. import)
      • VIP Comp
      • MORE EOS
      • STARS
      • GEM