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PVTsim can accurately simulate hydrate formation conditions of gas and oil mixtures.The depression of the hydrate formation temperature of the most commonly used hydrate inhibitors (MeOH, EtOH, MEG, DEG and TEG) can be simulated as well as the loss of inhibitors to the hydrocarbon phases.

If the water contains salts, the influence of these salts on the hydrate formation conditions will also be taken into account.

The PT flash option automatically provides amounts and types of hydrates (structures I, II and H) as well as hydrocarbon and aqueous phases, solid salt phases, and ice.

The minimum inhibitor option allows the user to calculate the minimum amount of a given inhibitor to be added to prevent hydrate formation at given pressure and temperature.

The hydrate PT curve option may be used to plot the hydrate curve in the relevant pressure range with or without inhibitor added.