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PVTsim Nova User Group Meeting

Perth: 28.08.2018 08:30:00 - 16:00

 Calsep continuously develops its PVTsim software to offer the most versatile and reliable PVT simulation software available. Calsep rolls out major upgrades to PVTsim NOVA on a regular basis through the user group meetings which is also the forum where many technical topics will be discussed and presented. On behalf of Calsep we would like to invite you and your colleagues to PVTsim Nova User Group Meeting scheduled on 28th August, 2018. The latest technical advances implemented in PVTsim Nova 4 and future development path will be presented at this meeting.


  • Automated EoS model development
  • Peng Robinson-CPA – Extending Association to PR EoS
  • Improved Heavy Oil Characterisation
  • Improved PC-SAFT Characterisation and implementation of tuning capability
  • Asphaltene Prediction : Screening methods and Equations of State
  • Introduction of NOVA Apps – For Advanced Separator configuration

technical topics

  • Pitfalls in interpretation of GOR/CGR data

calsep data analysis tool - new product 

  • Calsep-Data Analysis Tool (C-DAT)- Data analysis tool for reservoir engineering application: C-DAT is a data management program under development, which will serve as a pre-processor to PVTsim NOVA. CDAT combines the capability to import compositional and PVT data from laboratory report and perform 3D visualization of field data with existing Calsep software technology. It can be used to analyse whether reservoir fluid samples taken in different wells and different depths are in communication or not.

We encourage you to pass this invitation along to other PVTsim users or anyone who may be interested in fluid characterization and PVTsim.

This event is free of charge and to register, please send a request to Lieuza Thavid: lt@calsep.com no later than August 10, 2018. Coffee/snacks and a hot lunch buffet will be provided.

We look forward to meeting you at the UGM!

Date: Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Time: 0830 - 1600

Venue: Parmelia Hilton Perth, 14 Mill St, Perth WA 6000, Australia