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PVTsim Nova Webinar, Dubai

Dubai, Webinar: 24.11.2020 10:00:00 - 13:00

This webinar is a short introduction to Equation of State (EoS) modeling with PVTsim Nova. Participants will get a hands-on experience using PVTsim Nova to make an EoS model for a gas condensate. The Webinar covers

  • Input of a gas condensate reservoir fluid composition and PVT data from a PVT report
  • Automated quality check of the reservoir fluid composition
  • Automated creation of an EoS model
  • Generation of PVT input data for a reservoir simulator

Who should participate?

Engineers engaged in reservoir simulations, production engineers, laboratory staff and others interested in applying PVT simulation software for calculation of oil and gas phase behavior and fluid properties. This webinar is a quick introduction to Equation of State modeling with PVTsim Nova.


The class is offered free of cost.

Internet-based class

The class will be taught online using a web-based meeting software. Details for the meeting will be sent out after registration for the class.

PVTsim access

Participants in the class will get access to an internet-based version of PVTsim Nova.

For more information & REGISTRATION 

For more information about the webinar please contact Rayees Rasheed, @ send mail  

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