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    PVTSIM Nova

PVTsim Nova is a versatile PVT simulation program developed by Calsep for reservoir engineers, flow assurance specialists, PVT lab engineers and process engineers. PVTsim Nova is an upgrade of the PVT simulation package PVTsim.

PVTsim Nova complies to the standards of a modern .NET application ensuring full support from the Microsoft development platform.

PVTsim has been used by leading oil producing and operating companies throughout the world.

Based on an extensive data material collected over a period of more than 30 years, PVTsim Nova carries the information from experimental PVT studies into simulation software in a consistent manner and without losing valuable information on the way.

PVTsim Nova allows reservoir engineers, flow assurance specialists and process engineers to combine reliable fluid characterization procedures with robust and efficient regression algorithms to match fluid properties and experimental data. The fluid parameters may be exported to produce high quality input data for reservoir, pipeline and process simulators.

PVTsim Nova is petroleum phase behavior at the tip of your fingers.

What's New in PVTsim Nova

New Options in PVTsim Nova 1

Start button upper left corner

  • Upgrade of PVTsim 19, 20 and 21 databases to Nova format (old database will be kept).
  • List of recently used databases.
  • Dedicated Open Excel File function.

PC-SAFT Equation of State

  • PC-SAFT EoS can be chosen for PT non-aqueous flash, PT-multi phase flash, phase envelope and for PVT simulations.

Compare with Experimental PVT data

  • Option for easy comparison of all experimental and simulated PVT data for a fluid, including liberated gas compositions. Percent deviations are output.
  • Plots of experimental and simulated data.


  • Single fluid regression results in a temporary fluid stored in a tree structure in the database. Temporary fluids can be saved after review.
  • Reg History with regression settings automatically written to a fluid after regression.
  • Reg History and the regression tree structure make it easy to see how a fluid regression was performed.

Interface for IMEX

  • Generate input files for IMEX.

Interface for GEM

  • Generate input files for GEM.

Interface for LedaFlow

  • Generate input files for LedaFlow.

Asphaltene Tar Mat simulations

  • Simulate a possible oil/asphaltene contact depth due to compositional variation with depth.

Characterized fluid info bar

  • Char fluid info bar with information on fluid name, # components, saved or not, tunings performed, EoS.

New Char Fluid w/ asphaltenes

  • Dedicated option for inputting characterized fluids with asphaltene components

Plotting of OLGA files

  • Plot of imported or generated OLGA tab files.

Plotting of ECL 100 files

  • Plot of imported or generated ECL 100 tables.

Plot Configurations

  • Global plot configuration.
    • Customize plot for Fonts, Line Thickness, Marker Size, inclusion of fluid name.
    • Select from 2 predefined configurations or make your own plot configuration.
    • Once a new plot configuration is chosen, it is applied to all output already generated.

Lumping Schemes

  • Select lumping scheme that will be applied to all new plus fluids.
  • Add user defined lumping schemes to choose from.

Global setting of uncertainty on Plus MW

  • Global setting for uncertainty on plus MW to apply to all new plus fluids.


  • All generated output can be located in the Output Explorer
    • For calculations where both data and plot(s) are generated, the data and plot(s) will show under the same node in the output explorer.
      • All plots are shown in the same screen if a calculation generates multiple plots
    • Output can be grouped either by Topic or Chronology in the Output Explorer.
    • "Select All" and "Copy to Word" buttons on output sheets allow fast copying of all output to Word in an nice format.
    • Export all plots from a simulation to Word by a single operation.